Privacy Policy


As with any online software vendor and for a variety of legitimate business reasons including, but not limited to, training, support, and trouble shooting, National Financial Strategy Group, LLC (National FSG) has master administrative access to all Subscriber organizations and to all Trial User organizations. With respect to National FSG’s master administrative access, please rest assured that no one at National FSG will ever access your organization without invitation. Furthermore, even if invited or requested to access your organization, National FSG will immediately log out of your organization after the training, support, trouble shooting, or any other similar purpose has ended. Again, any access to your organization will ONLY follow an invitation or request by you. Even upon accessing your organization at your invitation, we pledge that we will NEVER make an attempt to remember or otherwise collect your organization’s client information or data. These data are considered proprietary to your firm, and we will NEVER attempt to benefit from either direct or inadvertent exposure to your organization’s information or data.

We encourage you to initiate protocols within your own organization to safeguard your client data including, but not limited to, periodic password changes, a Client Identifier naming convention that obfuscates the client identity, and perhaps a timed, automatic idle-screen logout.

NOTE: National FSG has contracted with Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting services. Please click the following link to review Amazon Web Services Privacy Policy. Without notifying National FSG, Amazon Web Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc. (AMZN on the NASDAQ), might change its Privacy Policy. Therefore we highly recommend you review regularly Amazon Web Services Privacy Policy for any updates or changes.

At National FSG, we value our relationship with you. Therefore, we will never access your organization without permission, and we will always fiercely safeguard your data and any non-authorized access to it.

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