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Cashflow Fingerprint License Options Individual Planner Enterprise
For an individual financial planner For multiple users
Total Allowed Users 1 User Included 3 Users Included
Pricing $1,050/yr $2,500/yr for 3 users
$500 for each additional user
Payment Schedule Annually Annually
Phone Support
Guided Mock Case Walkthroughs
256-bit AES SSL Encryptions
Personally Branded
(PDF output, Login & Interface)
Support for Windows, OS X (Mac), iPad or Tablets


We think you’ll appreciate an online demo so you can see the easy data entry work flow. During an online demo, we’ll also show how we’ve used the Cashflow Fingerprint in our wealth management practice. The Cashflow Fingerprint is arguably the most comprehensive, thorough, and robust financial planning tool in our industry. Learn more by contacting us today! Thanks.

Information presented by, or resulting from the use of, the Cashflow Fingerprint®, Financial Strategy Group, PLC, FSG Investment Management, LLC, or National Financial Strategy Group, LLC’s (the Companies) models or websites, do not represent an offer of or a solicitation for investment advisory services. The Cashflow Fingerprint® does NOT recommend, solve for, or decide upon an asset allocation or any security(s). The Cashflow Fingerprint® relies upon whomever is running it to make prudent decisions based on information unique to their or their clients’ personal situations. The Cashflow Fingerprint® does NOT, nor can it, accurately predict the future. The Cashflow Fingerprint® should not be used as a substitute for determining suitability or appropriateness of any asset allocation, security or investment strategy. Clients should carefully consider their own investment objectives and never rely on any single chart, graph or marketing piece, model, or website to make decisions. The Companies are not broker dealers and do not offer tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax adviser or legal counsel for assistance with your specific needs.

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