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Background Information
The Cashflow Fingerprint® has been developed over several years by Financial Strategy Group, PLC (FSG) and its sister company, FSG Investment Management, LLC (FSGIM), a registered investment adviser.  Registration of an Investment Adviser does not imply any level of skill or training.  Additional information about FSG Investment Management, LLC is available on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at  www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.  Both FSG and FSGIM are located at 700 Colonial Road, Suite 120, Memphis, TN  38117.

The Team
The members of the team who have developed and are marketing the Cashflow Fingerprint® are dedicated to doing all things possible to make the Cashflow Fingerprint® one of the best and most productive Personal Financial Planning Models available.  For more information about the team, click: Team.

The Cashflow Fingerprint®
DISCLAIMERS:  The Cashflow Fingerprint® model uses asset class investing.  Utilizing this investment management style is critical if you and/or your clients are going to rely on the results of your Cashflow Fingerprint®. If you do not use asset class investing for all or part of your investment recommendations, then the Cashflow Fingerprint® will not provide optimal results without modifications. (Please contact us to discuss customizing the Cashflow Fingerprint® for your specific wealth management needs.)

The Cashflow Fingerprint® does NOT recommend, solve for, or decide upon an asset allocation or any security(s).  The Cashflow Fingerprint® relies upon whomever is running it to make prudent decisions based on information unique to their or their clients’ personal situations.  The Cashflow Fingerprint® does NOT, nor can it, accurately predict the future.  The Cashflow Fingerprint® should not be used as a substitute for determining suitability or appropriateness of any asset allocation, security or investment strategy.

As with any good software, the development process never ends.  We are constantly revising and updating the model not only for changes in tax code, IRA contribution limits, and the like, but we’re also constantly striving to add rich features which enhance our clients’ user experiences.  The Cashflow Fingerprint® enables you to decide for yourself and on behalf of your clients what asset allocation is most appropriate.

Feedback from our clients has been the primary catalyst for the evolution of the Cashflow Fingerprint®.  It’s a planning tool like no other.  Contact us today for a free, online demonstration.

What is the Cashflow Fingerprint?

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